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Vetiver Essential Oil

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Vetiver essential oil, also called khus oil, is extracted from the vetiver plant, a clumpy, green grass native to India that can grow five feet high or more. Vetiver is in the same family as other grasses used for their essential oils, including lemongrass and citronella.

Vetiver oil is quite fragrant, with a distinctive sharp and earthy scent you may recognize from men’s cologne.

Vetiver essential oil is distilled from the vetiver plant’s roots, which are aged before being soaked in water. The highly concentrated oil that is released is then skimmed off the top of the water. It’s used in holistic practice for its soothing, grounding capabilities.

Keep reading to find out what we know about using vetiver oil for health benefits.

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Vetiver oil uses and benefits
Vetiver oil has quite a few properties that make it a promising ingredient for aromatherapy.

Vetiver oil for alertness and mental fatigue
In a 2016 animal study, researchers concludedTrusted Source that inhaling vetiver oil improved alertness and brain function. Vetiver oil may help your brain feel more awake if you’re struggling to focus on a task or remain alert to what’s happening around you.

Vetiver oil for breathing in your sleep
Using vetiver oil in a diffuser while you sleep could help improve your breathing patterns. A small 2010 studyTrusted Source measured the response of 36 people who were exposed to differing aromas during their sleep.

Vetiver oil increased the quality of exhalation and decreased inhalation when sleeping study participants detected it. This could mean vetiver oil could help people who snore heavily.

Vetiver oil for anxiety

Vetiver oil may help you if you experience anxiety. A 2015 animal study observed rats that were exposed to vetiver oil through inhaling its scent. The subjects of the study appeared to be more relaxed after vetiver oil exposure. Human trials are needed to understand the mechanism vetiver oil uses to treat anxiety.

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