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Jamun Guthli (Seed)


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Jamun are undoubtedly one of the best natural remedies for diabetes. But did you know even its seeds are packed with numerous health benefits? From playing a key role in the management of diabetes in a natural way to helping in detoxifying the body of harmful chemicals, Jamun Guthli (seeds)  are loaded with healthy compounds. So before you throw away those jamun seeds after eating the fruits, read its health benefits.

Control diabetes: Just like the fruit, jamun seeds, are also possess anti-diabetic activity. The seeds contain alkaloids [1], chemicals which prevent the conversion of starch into sugar and hence aid in keeping your blood glucose level in control. Shade dried seeds are made into powder and taken orally thrice a day in the treatment of diabetes. It is also added to milk or water and consumed the first thing in the morning to keep diabetes in control. It is used as an effective therapy even in traditional medicine to lower the debilitating impact of diabetes on the body slowly.

Lowers blood pressure: In addition to using as a traditional medicine to reduce the debilitating impact of diabetes on the body slowly, jamun seeds also lower the blood pressure. A study published in the Asian Specific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine ., seed extract of jamun lowered the blood pressure by 34.6% in people drinking the extract regularly. The anti-hypertensive effect was attributed to the presence of ellagic acid, which is a phenol antioxidant. Read more on hypertension.

Buy Jamun Guthli (Seed)

Detoxifies the body: The seeds of jamun are reported to be rich in flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant, that not only helps in flushing harmful free radicals from the body but also exerts a protective effect on the antioxidant enzymes. This is the reason, why the seeds are known to aid in detoxification and improve the overall functioning of the immune system as well. The seeds also contain high amounts of phenolic compounds, which are known to have powerful antioxidant activity .

Treat stomach problems: Not just the immune system and pancreatic system but jamun seeds also play a key role in cleansing the digestive system and aid in the treatment of common stomach problems. The seed extract is used to treat the sores and ulcers of the intestine and genitourinary tract (which are infected by Candida albicans). The powdered seeds are mixed with sugar and given orally 2–3 times every day to treat dysentery .


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